The Oddie District The Oddie District

Welcome to The Oddie District! We’re happy you found us.

The Oddie District will be a new and reinvisioned district in Sparks with plans to completely redevelop the former Lowe’s Home Improvement Center, which is currently the largest vacant big-box building in town.

We’re thrilled to bring a two-concept model together that was pioneered by real estate developer Foothill Partners and national startup ecosystem developer Innovation Collective. These concepts will bring vibrant, creative and community-minded energy to a long-empty big-box space, reinvigorating an aging neighborhood in the heart of Sparks.

The Oddie District
The Oddie District
The Oddie District

If you’re passionate about enjoyable workplace collaboration and building a stronger, more resource-rich economy, look no further. The Oddie District aims to contribute to that purpose with the development leadership of Foothill Partners’ Douglas Wiele and Innovation Collective’s Nick Smoot.

  • Foothill Partners
  • The Generator
  • Innovation Collective

The partnership formally unveiled its plans for their Work-Live-Make Innovation Hub on October 19. The Generator, a nonprofit maker space collection of local celebrated artists and engineers, is the cornerstone and largest tenant in The Oddie District.

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