At The Edge

Fall Winter 2021

a history of hospitality

Nearly 150 years ago, the Park family forged a life in the rugged American West as cattle ranchers. The rich resources and beauty of Lake Tahoe were not lost on them. With a pioneering spirit and a vision of deep-reaching community roots, service, and environmental stewardship, Edgewood Tahoe was born.

Thanks to a curated collection of historic artifacts and photographs, guests can follow the timeline of how this extraordinary family transformed the property into the one-of-a-kind luxury destination that it is today.

Displayed between the Boutique and the Lodge’s Great Room, the Edgewood Tahoe Heritage Wall showcases five generations of Parks, household items from Friday’s Station, and vintage golf gear used by members of the Park family.

Also known as the White House, Friday’s Station served as an original stop on the

Pony Express in the early 1860s. Located across Highway 50 from the golf course, this historic two-story building is the only Pony Express station in the state of Nevada to have survived intact.

During the 1800s, Lake Tahoe had already earned a reputation as a vacation destination. In 1968, the 235-acre Edgewood property rose to international fame when its soon-to-be-iconic golf course was unveiled. Featuring a restaurant, golf shop, and lakefront event space, the adjacent Clubhouse was built in 1973 and subsequently remodeled in 1993.

Within the Clubhouse, Brooks’ Bar and Deck was added in 2003, expanding guest dining options with impeccable golf course and lake views. Inaugurated in 2017, the LEED-certified Lodge upleveled the resort’s commitment to luxury, with its mountain modern guest rooms, Bistro restaurant, spa, swimming pool, hot tub, event spaces, and gorgeous Great Room. Welcome to Edgewood Tahoe, where the Park family’s legacy of service, sustainability, and lakeside luxury lives on.

Dear Guests

At Edgewood Tahoe, we’re on a constant quest to push the limits of luxurious hospitality on the shores of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring lakes. It’s a mission we take very seriously, constantly aspiring to new heights of customer service and hospitality, making a visit to Edgewood Tahoe full of those memorable moments that last for a lifetime.

That’s why we’re proud to announce a new era of luxury at Edgewood Tahoe with the construction of the Villa Suites. This new evolution of lakefront luxury is like nothing offered at Lake Tahoe today. Imagine your own private piece of Lake Tahoe, with the space to stretch out, relax, enjoy your vacation with family and friends — all with the world-class hospitality and customer service of Edgewood at your fingertips. And then picture all of this set against the stunning backdrop of the rich blue of Lake Tahoe and the iridescent green of the Edgewood fairways.

With the feel of an immaculate lakefront private residence, the villa experience will be the pinnacle of Lake Tahoe luxury lodging. Villa vacationers can enjoy their own private patio and outdoor spa and soak in the modern architecture and indoor-outdoor opulence of a villa all your own. Perfect for weddings, multi-generational gatherings or secluded family getaways, these new properties open up rich new experiences and transform milestone moments with a one-of-a-kind mountain setting.

At Edgewood Tahoe, we take pride in every detail from architecture to interior textures, and the Villa Suites will have every finish and hospitality program thought through and refined. But we take particular pride in the experience. And that means extending Edgewood Tahoe’s legendary customer service and attention to detail to our Villa Suites guests in a way that makes them feel the warmth of true Edgewood Tahoe hospitality.

The Villa Suites give Edgewood Tahoe a truly unique combination of beautiful, private structures on a world-class site. From the Frank Gehry-designed Brooks Bar and Grill — an architectural masterpiece that has stood the test of time — to Edgewood Tahoe’s immaculate lodge and main hotel space, the Villa Suites add a new modern twist on the property that has defined lakefront luxury for generations.

details that delight

Every tone and texture that guests see and touch throughout The Lodge, whether it be in the Great Room or in The Bistro, was thoughtfully and intentionally sourced and placed with the guidance of hospitality design firm HBA. And while these touches may appear to be purely aesthetic, many pieces have a unique story or symbolism tied to the people and environment that made Edgewood Tahoe what it is today.

The Bistro

Rope Ceiling

While most guests are mesmerized by the masterpieces under their forks, few are aware of the beauty that sits above their heads. Hand-woven by world-renowned artist Dani Marti, a section of intertwined Spanish rope inlaid within commissioned ceiling panels adds a modern twist to the restaurant’s nautical theme.

general public areas

Carpets & Area Rugs

In tribute to the native people who originally inhabited the Lake Tahoe basin, these custom-designed carpets and rugs feature motifs used in the weaving and handicrafts of the Washoe tribe.

Great Room

Tree Wall Relief Carving

Inspired by the towering trees surrounding the property, this expansive and unique work of art offers a subtle, yet striking, contrast to the picturesque lake view framed by the Great Room’s chapel-esque series of windows. Known as the Aspen Wall, this original piece was hand-carved onsite by skilled artisans.


Rustic Wood Screen

Reaching from the floor to the ceiling lies a patchwork of wood salvaged from an old picket fence that divided Edgewood Tahoe and Twin Pines for decades along the south end of the property. This structure honors the history and legacy of the grounds, as well as Edgewood’s longstanding vision of sustainability.

Fall at Edgewood Tahoe

Take to the Trail This Fall

Hidden in between Tahoe’s two blockbuster seasons — summer and winter — are a couple months of pure bliss. Fall in Tahoe is a season to slow down, to savor, to explore at your own pace. It serves up crisp mornings and warm afternoons — perfect for adventurous hikes discovering new trails that wind their way to jaw-dropping views, new lakes and secluded streams. The aspens and cottonwoods that speckled the Tahoe Basin have put on their fall colors, turning groves of trees into iridescent displays of oranges, yellows and reds. There is something absolutely magical about sitting beside an alpine lake or traversing a Tahoe ridgeline on a clear, windless day with views that stretch out for miles and miles. Whether you prefer summitting Sierra peaks, lounging at a hidden wilderness lakes mid-hike, or simply hunting for the best fall foliage, autumn is a transcendent time to explore Tahoe’s trails.

With an endless array of trails to choose from, selecting the right hike for a fall day of hiking can becomes its own challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about rushing to the trailhead to nab a parking spot or avoiding the busiest hours on the most popular hikes. This autumn, take advantage of Tahoe’s secret season and get out and explore a new trail in the quieter months. Here are three fall hikes to consider.

Gilmore Lake

(Permit Required)

Nestled in the dramatic alpine playground of Desolation Wilderness, Gilmore Lake is a spectacular destination tailor-made for fall exploration. Be prepared though, this 8.6-mile alpine hike includes some elevation gain and some rocky terrain. Prepare by bringing tough footwear, adequate food and water and a spirit of adventure. And remember to fill out a Desolation Wilderness permit at the trailhead.

Starting at the Glen Alpine trailhead at the south end of Fallen Leaf Lake, begin the hike by passing by the bubbling soda springs and historic lodge of Glen Alpine Springs. This resort, established in 1878, is the last of its era and the first family resort in Lake Tahoe. The main building, designed by renowned architect Bernard Maybeck, is worth admiring as you pass by. From the lodge, the trail takes you into a basin speckled with lakes. For the adventurous, side trips to stunning Susie Lake and Lake Aloha are an option to extend the hike. For those seeking even higher ground — and one of the most stunning views of Tahoe available — a spur trail to the top of Mt. Tallac offers a prime peakbagging excursion and the opportunity to top out on one of the lake’s most iconic peaks.

Gilmore Lake itself is a beautiful granite-ringed body of water surrounded by the high points of Mt. Tallac, Dicks Peak and Jacks Peak. The clear water is perfect for swimming on a warm day, and the lake is known for good fishing. Retrace your steps to the Glen Alpine Trailhead for a nice out-and-back trip through a beautiful slice of Desolation Wilderness.

Rubicon Point Lighthouse

For a gentler, but no less spectacular, hike, DL Bliss on Tahoe’s southwest shore offers a moderate hike to stunning views of Lake Tahoe, along with a historic wooden lighthouse that used to warn boat captains about this rugged stretch of rocky shore.

The Rubicon Point Lighthouse trail also connects to the Rubicon Trail, a shoreline path that winds to rocky coves and down to secluded beaches, eventually leading hikers all the way to Emerald Bay and Vikingsholm. The Rubicon Point Lighthouse trail itself is a wide trail that leads to a wooden lighthouse overlooking Lake Tahoe. The stunning view and historical structure — the lighthouse was constructed in 1919 — give a glimpse of the Lake Tahoe of yesteryear. Hikers will have a choice to return to the DL Bliss trailhead, continue on the Rubicon Trail or spend the afternoon exploring the DL Bliss beaches.

Eagle Lake

One of Tahoe’s most popular hikes, Eagle Lake is a short but gorgeous hike past waterfalls and along a beautiful, crystal clear stream to a stunning alpine lake. Starting alongside Emerald Bay, the trail climbs to the edge of Desolation Wilderness before bringing hikers to a dramatic, cliff-lined lake backdropped by granite walls famous for rock climbing routes.

At a little less than 2 miles roundtrip, the hike is accessible to a wide range of groups, from families to couples. Enjoy dramatic views of Emerald Bay on the way back to the trailhead. If you are looking for a short hike packed with scenic beauty, this trail serves up spectacular scenery from the first granite steps to the Emerald Bay view return to the trailhead.

Unveiling the Villa Suites

The Villa Suites are materializing at Edgewood Tahoe after years of meticulous planning and design, and we cannot wait to unveil these new landmark properties to discerning guests next summer.

The Villa Suites allow guests to experience Edgewood Tahoe in an entirely different way. It’s a new level of luxury, privacy and opulence that is tailor-made for multi-generational gatherings, weddings or small events — or simply families desiring more space to relax and unwind.

A location like no other

While all of Edgewood Tahoe occupies some of the most in-demand real estate in all of Lake Tahoe, the Villa Suites were planned for a particularly impressive location on the resort. The lake splays out in front of each structure in all its splendor, while the golf course unfurls its rolling fairways and manicured greens alongside each suite.

For the Villa Suite guests, this location offers up the best of both worlds. The premier customer service of Edgewood Tahoe staff attending to every need while retaining the privacy and seclusion of a separate slice of the Edgewood Tahoe experience —all with sweeping forest, golf course and lake views.

As Edgewood Tahoe has carefully and thoughtfully developed the once-in-a-lifetime property that houses the entire resort, each part of the property has come alive. Architectural wonders, sculpted greens, meticulously designed rooms, perfectly placed gathering places all made Edgewood Tahoe what it is today. Now, this new piece of Edgewood Tahoe takes its own place, adding to the history and legacy of this stunning landscape and welcoming in new generations of guests to experience it.

Designed to delight

Inside and out, the Villa Suites are a testament to a design team that pulled out all the stops to make sure every detail was crafted to inspire, delight and welcome visitors. Mountain modern exterior architecture that effortlessly blends the manmade and the natural, including rock and wood exteriors, give way to light interiors, warm wool accents and rich leathers, all complemented by white European oak floors.


Locally sourced art will highlight the local landscapes and communities that Edgewood Tahoe calls home. Indoor-outdoor spaces will allow guests to move effortlessly between starry Sierra nights in the outdoor spa, or warm sunny afternoons on the patio, and the opulent indoor amenities.

Discover villa life

The Villa Suites will offer two-bedroom, three-bedroom and five-plus-bedroom pre-booking options beginning this fall. The Villas Suites are scheduled to open in the summer of 2022.

When they do open, guests can expect the five-star service of Edgewood Tahoe amplified. A personal concierge will be available to guests, as well as a luxury car service, nightly S’mores delivery and a premium bottle of welcome champagne.

From there each guest will have endless options for relaxation and recreation — from world-class spa treatments to a round of gold on the legendary Edgewood course followed by lakefront dining. The villa life is coming to Edgewood Tahoe and we can’t wait for you to experience this next iteration of lakefront luxury.

Putting The Awe In Autumn

Since the dawn of time, the dining experience has been inextricably linked to seasonality. Spring welcomes fresh and crisp renewal from winter’s long chill. Summer is a celebration of a varied and bountiful harvest. So when Edgewood’s Assistant Executive Chef, Lonny Huot, declares fall as his favorite time of the year to prepare food, you can almost hear a symphony of foodies’ ears perk up.

“I just love the flavors of fall,” he says with a grin. “I like the squashes and the product availability.” That being said, discovering that elusive dish where bright flavors intersect harmoniously with creamy, traditional satiating comfort food is no easy task. As fall approaches, Edgewood’s culinary team is working overtime to perfect a menu that balances the traditional with the modern, stokes the passions of its chefs, and uses only the freshest ingredients.

Whenever possible, the resort sources its products from within a 150-mile radius, which helps ensure quality and reinvestment in local economies. Edgewood’s chefs insist on buying meats that have never been frozen, nor treated with antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs. This dedication to providing guests with a clean, health-conscious product is never far from the minds of Edgewood’s chefs. It also aligns with the resort’s championing of health and wellness.

“We're going to incorporate more fruit and vegetable purees this fall for really bright natural flavors,” adds Chef Lonny. “We still want to have a really nice heavy comfort piece to it, but minus the saturated fats.” The need to create a lighter menu for spa guests has also helped shape the food culture throughout the resort. “We're really, really moving towards that in many aspects of our cuisine here, property wide,” admits Chef Lonny. “All of our outlets, from Brooks’ to Edgewood Restaurant, are leaning towards a healthier aspect of fare food.”

Putting The Awe In Autumn

the cure for hunger

Running a top-tier trio of restaurants- requires many things, such as vision, an experienced and talented team, and access to the freshest ingredients. In order to guarantee consistency in quality and safety standards, state-of-the-art equipment is also required.

Imported from Italy, the latest addition to Edgewood’s kitchen has its culinary team buzzing with excitement. Packed with hanging rows of sausages, lamb prosciutto, pork shank, pork bellies rolled pancetta-style, lamb chorizo, and even duck prosciutto, this curing closet - or chamber - is the epitome of both old world tradition and modern precision.

Initially intended to be showcased in its dining room, the curing chamber eventually found its home behind The Bistro’s labyrinthine kitchen. Although hidden from sight of most guests, the effect of the culinary team’s crown jewel is already being seen - and tasted - throughout the property’s three restaurants. “We’ve started to shave prosciutto on salads and pasta dishes,” promises Chef Lonny. “We’ll also probably create a new version of our hash to include chorizo sausage.”

“I don't know anybody else that's doing this within probably a couple hundred miles.”

Factors such as pH levels, temperature and humidity have to be closely controlled within the curing closet to maintain the integrity of the product. Humidity can be adjusted throughout the curing process by programming bursts of moisture. Automatic, timed bursts of lavender, honey, and liquid smoke can also be programmed to add depth or sweetness to meats.

While the curing closet takes care of the science of the process, Chef Lonny provides the inspiration, driven by the desire to explore a range of flavor combinations, from the traditional to the adventurous.

At a resort known for its one-of-a-kind amenities and offerings, it seems fitting that so few in this region are able to cure meats with this precision and creativity. “I don't know anybody else that's doing this within probably a couple hundred miles,” states Chef Lonny.

With over one hundred years of experience among its top three chefs and a collaborative environment that is attracting young, eager talent to Edgewood’s kitchens, the future of food in South Lake Tahoe looks bright indeed.

A Cocktail To Remember

Vive Libre

Refresh your taste buds with Edgewood Tahoe’s featured cocktail, the Vive Libre. This delectable drink has a stunning combination of flavors that are perfect for ushering in the crisp autumn air.

  • 2oz Don Julio Silver
  • .5oz Lime Juice
  • 1oz House made Cilantro/Cucumber/Serrano Infusion 3 serrano peppers
  • 1 English cucumber
  • Half a bunch of cilantros
  • .5oz St. Germaine
  • Glass: Coupe
  • Garnish: Cucumber slice

To start, create your cilantro, cucumber and serrano pepper infusion. Chop the infusion ingredients, removing the pepper seeds, and add them with 5 cups of simple syrup to a blender. Move the infusion to a container, which will need to be covered and refrigerated overnight. Make sure to muddle and strain the infusion to remove any remaining solids. Store this mixture for up to a week.

Next, add the rest of the cocktail ingredients to an ice-filled shaker and shake vigorously. Strain the drink into a coupe and garnish with a sliced cucumber. Enjoy!

nurtured by experts, healed by mother nature

Spa Edgewood is an escape, one meant to revitalize and heal every part of you from body to soul. There’s no better place to restore and relax than in the fresh alpine air of the Sierras. Choose from a variety of healing treatments, all of which use the highest quality methods and ingredients possible. Expert technicians and cutting edge technology lie at your fingertips, just waiting for you to reach out.

Each of Spa Edgewood’s treatments el- evate the body and mind, each of them a stepping stone to the best version of yourself. These featured treatments are a great way to begin your journey,

Whether you are in need of a relaxing massage, a cleansing facial or a session of energy healing. No matter what you need, Spa Edgewood is here to heal and relax all parts of you. The addition of stunning views and fresh air is just the cherry on top.

hypervolt self massage tutorial

Give someone a massage and relax them for a day; teach someone to massage and relax them for a lifetime. Edgewood Tahoe’s Hypervolt Self Massage Tutorial puts your body’s healing in your hands. Using Hypervolt technology, this contactless experience teaches and guides you through several techniques that will soothe sore muscles and ease muscle tension. As you learn to use the cutting edge technology of the Hypervolt, you’ll feel your circulation improve, your muscles relax and your body returning to a more soothed and comfortable state.

nurtured by experts, healed by mother nature


Tap into your life-force energy with Edgewood Tahoe’s Reiki Energy Healing treatment, an experience that uses the traditional Japanese art of spirit healing to relax your body and soul. Your Reiki master will lead your soul (rei) to the universe’s vital energy (ki), accessing a pathway that connects your spirit to the cosmic energy that surrounds us. This holistic experience is perfect for those with stress or pain, your Reiki master working to relax and calm your mind as they balance the body’s energies.


Rejuvenate your skin with Edgewood Tahoe’s Hydrafacial, a 50-80 minute experience that will leave your facial skin healthy and glowing. Our technicians use state-of-the-art Hydrafacial technology, which hydrates and purifies your skin while removing dead skin cells. The best part? A facial has never felt so good. Hydrafacial technology uses a unique combination of calming serums and vor- tex pressure in order to give you a gentle and relaxing experience, one without post-process irritation or the lingering pain of traditional pore extractions.


The possibilities at Edgewood Tahoe are endless— it can be hard to decide what to experience first. If you need some help getting started, here’s an idea of a perfect day at Edgewood Tahoe. From morning to night, lodge guests are invited and encouraged to make the most of their time here, whether you’re relaxing at the award-winning Spa Edgewood or skiing down pristine snow. Follow the whole day, or put your own spin on it. We promise it will be a perfect day no matter what you decide to do.
Morning Yoga

Start your day by redefining morning wellness. This revitalizing and relaxing session of morning yoga, conducted inside during cooler months, is a perfect way to refresh your body and soul after a good night’s sleep.


Edgewood’s après sleep cart is the perfect way to maximize your wellness and awaken the rest of your senses for the coming day. Indulge in a variety of wellness and health products, including tea, and fresh fruit.

a day at edgewood tahoe

Coffee Bar
After waking with the help of morning yoga and the après sleep cart, fuel your body for the day with hand roasted coffee and fresh pastries at Coffee Bar. While you eat, take in superb lake views and take a moment to relax.
The Bistro
If you find yourself still hungry after your coffee and pastries, enjoying brunch at the Bistro is a great way to prepare for a day of adventure. This chic yet casual dining experience is a great place to plan the rest of your day with friends and family.
Before you embark upon any outdoor adventures, why not stop by Edgewood’s Adventure Store to see if you need any extra equipment? While you’re at it, make a visit to the Golf Shop and the Boutique as well. Pick up a souvenir or just browse— we promise you’ll find something that will inspire you.
Great Room Reading
If you’re in the mood to read, why not settle down in the Great Room and catch up on your magazine reading through the PressReader app? Get the latest news with more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines. It’s as simple as downloading PressReader and connecting to Edgewood’s wifi network.

We Have a Way with Words and Edgewood at A Glance

Our hectic daily routines make it challenging to keep up with the newspaper articles and magazine features that keep us informed and entertained. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a full-fledged vacation there’s nothing like reading to accentuate the relaxation of a luxury escape. Now that you’re at Edgewood Tahoe, now is as good a time as any to connect with those publications that you’ve been missing.

Rather than looking for the latest People or waiting for another guest to return their copy of Wall Street Journal, all you need is your favorite digital device to dive into more than 7,000 of the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines, catering to an array of interests and audiences.

With PressReader, you can access premium content and complete stories without ads or paywalls.

dine & imbibe

Call 888-769-1924 to book your reservations at any of Edgewood’s dining venues.

The Bistro Fine Dining & Spirits
Fine Dining & Spirits
Conveniently located inside The Lodge is the Bistro, a hub for guests to gather, dine, and reminisce about the day's adventures. The Bistro serves as Edgewood's refined, yet casual, dining option for families, friends and foodies alike.
7 days a week
7:00am - 10:00pm
Bistro Bar
7 days a week 9:00am - Midnight
Edgewood Restaurant
Opulent Lakefront Dining
Edgewood Restaurant in the Clubhouse is South Lake Tahoe's greatest hidden gem. With stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, enjoy striking views of Lake Tahoe while indulging in culinary masterpieces paired with a carefully selected and diverse wine list.
7 days a week
5:00pm - 9:00pm
Brooks’ Bar and Deck
Award-Winning Pub Fare
Honored by Golf Digest as one of the "Best Golf Pubs" in the world, Brooks' Bar and Deck is home to a setting both striking and serene and a delicious menu featuring unique takes on comfort food classics.
7 days a week
11:00am - 8:00pm


Thanksgiving Traditions
November 24 - 28
November 24

Satisfy your sweet tooth and join us for our candied and caramel apple workshop. Choose from a variety of toppings and decorations to make your treat uniquely yours.

November 25

Hearts & Heritage giving tree celebration begins.

November 26

Holiday-inspired fare at our restaurants with live entertainment in The Bistro and Clubhouse.

November 27

Complimentary holiday gift wrapping services and special story- telling “Tales of Tahoe” with Mark Twain.

November 28

Complimentary holiday gift wrapping services, cookie decorating workshop and a holiday cocktail mingle.

Unexpected Edgewood Moments

The Fall and Winter seasons are some of our favorite times here at Edgewood Tahoe— not only because of the changing scenery, but because with each season comes new adventures. Edgewood Tahoe is your liaison to a world of possibility, from sipping hot chocolate in one of our majestic lodge spaces to trekking alongside a skilled guide as you snowshoe to the Champagne Chalet.
Live Music
nov 24 - dec 26

Relax and enjoy live musical performances from local flamenco guitarist Milton Merlos in the Great Room Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

edgewood on ice
nov 25 - apr 18

Surrounded by pristine views of the mountains, Edgewood on Ice is an awe-inspiring ice skating experience. Join us for 2 sessions daily, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Enjoy winter-inspired bites, specialty cocktails and warm up around the fire pits. Rental fees apply.

snowshoe to the champagne chalet
nov 27 - mar 28

Join us daily from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm for a guided snowshoe experience to the Champagne Chalet. The Champagne Chalet is a charming and retro inspired intimate bar with outdoor seating and specialty bites. An exclusive and compli- mentary experience for our lodge guests.

concierge feature

Experience all that Tahoe has to offer with help from Edgewood’s expert concierge team, a group of specialists who are always poised to assist you in experiencing the unforgettable. Their careful eyes are always looking for the next best thing in hospitality, constantly surpassing standards and setting new ones. Whether you require assistance booking a reservation for a restaurant,

scheduling an adventure or are simply looking for a place to enjoy the views, Edgewood Tahoe’s concierge team is here for you. For winter enthusiasts eager to explore South Tahoe’s vast outdoor winter wonderland, Edgewood Tahoe recommends advance planning by securing ski resort reservations for desired attractions. To learn more, please visit the concierge located in the lobby or email at

Going Green

Edgewood’s stunning golf course is tended to and manicured by a dedicated team of greenskeepers. And while the task of keeping the greens, fairways and hazards in pristine condition is a tall enough task on its own, the team has tackled an even more ambitious goal — do it all with the highest level of sustainability possible.

Edgewood’s golf course is a testament to the resort’s deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Everything from wildlife habitat, water conservation, fertilizer management, water filtration and invasive species control is top-of-mind for this elite team of greenskeepers. And to do it all in a high alpine environment where the links are buried in deep winter snows and subject to long dry summers just makes the effort that much more impressive.

Edgewood is unique among Tahoe golf courses. The entire course is positioned alongside Lake Tahoe, but some fairways and greens almost touch the lake. The majestic location makes environmental sustainability even more imperative. Fertilizers are carefully selected and applied sparingly and delicately. Every water hazard has a second, important function beyond challenging the ability of the golfers who visit Edgewood.

“All of our ponds and streams serve a purpose in cleaning the water before it reaches the lake,” said Brad Wunderlich, Superintendent of Edgewood Golf Course. “The ponds settle out fine sediment, and aquatic plants help remove nutrients from the water. The water you see at Edgewood is not just aesthetic, it is functional.”

In this way these meticulously designed and maintained waterways are critical to improving Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity.

All of these environmental commitments will culminate in an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary certification for the golf course, a prestigious third-party recognition of the environmental sustainability the golf course has achieved. Edgewood is currently undergoing evaluation and expects the certification to be complete this winter. But that recognition is just one validation of the wide-ranging sustainability efforts at the golf course — which are art and part science. It involves sophisticated weather stations that deliver precise moisture readings and direct water-saving irrigation decisions. Wetting agents added to the soil conserve water and reduce irrigation. And hand-watering of greens ensures that water is applied precisely to the areas that need it most.

This summer, because of drought conditions across the region, water conservation has gone a step further. Greenskeepers have stopped watering out-of-play rough areas, allowing the native grasses to go dormant and saving significant amounts of irrigation. “We’re doing everything we can to save as much water as possible,” said Wunderlich. The golf course team is also working with a team of local Tahoe non-profits and governmental agencies to eradicate invasive species that are contained in some ponds on the property. While the invasive species are controlled and contained, Edgewood’s efforts will ensure that the non-native plants do not make their way to Lake Tahoe and disrupt native plants and aquatic life. Wunderlich’s involvement in sustainability at Edgewood goes beyond the golf course. As a part of Edgewood’s sustainability committee, he helps direct efforts like the recent planting of 130 trees across the property, the introduction of compostable to-go containers for Edgewood’s restaurants and the aluminum water bottles that replaced disposable water containers across the lodge, spa, hotel and pool. From these efforts to the significant investment in making Edgewood’s golf course a leading example of sustainability, the ownership’s commitment to the environment has never wavered. “Their dedication to protecting the integrity of the lake is amazing,” said Wunderlich.