Who we are

We’re committed to who we are. Not just because we know we’re awesome, but because we believe in what we do and we know our strategies work. We help clients connect to their brand and activate their audiences in ways they can be proud of. Our confidence is contagious, we see it spread to our clients every day.


Elevate ideas and implement solutions to drive growth, cultivate connections, and strengthen businesses.


  • Committed
    to the idea that nothing is impossible
  • Tenacious
    with your eyes on the horizon and your sleeves rolled up
  • Different
    because the world has enough sheep
  • Proud
    of who you are, how far you’ve come, and the work you do
  • Curious
    about the ideas that come to you
  • Awesome
    it’s the only way

Team Colvita.

Our core team is built around our belief that a one-size-fits-all marketing approach doesn’t meet today’s demand for smart dynamics and individually focused solutions. With deep rooted relationships with top-notch creatives and strategists across the country, we are able to scale up and customize every team for each of our individual clients.

Meet Our Awesome Humans

Jill Coyle

Jill Coyle

Puts clients needs first, builds rad teams, is the first to suggest a company wide happy hour
SARA Moore

SARA Moore

Vice President / Integrated Media
Places and tracks paid media, never hesitates to tell a story about her cats, can outdrink you in lacroix’s
Sarah Touslee

Sarah Touslee

Account Executive
Works with clients to think BIG, writes copy, writes more copy, schools everyone on the dance floor
Deshka Neill

Deshka Neill

Finance & Project Coordinator
Our right hand woman, keeps the team on track, manages our dolla dolla bills, y’all


Human Resources
Is always watching, frequently calls people into his office for a “little chat”, thinks every chair in the office is his


Chief of Morale
Plans team outings and parties, spreads #positivevibes, leaves tennis balls literally everywhere

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We love meeting new talent to bring onto teams we build for individual projects. Send us your portfolio and resume and we will happily keep you in mind for upcoming projects.

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